Harlequin (grumpy_buny) wrote in makeup_on_speed,


1. Favorite brands of makeup: bloody mary rebel, (can't afford MAC, but when I borrow it from my friends I love it!), clinique, luxiva, prestige, maybelline, NYC
2. What is your daily makeup: every day is a different cat eye
3. Why did you join this community: I love makeup and I love seeing pictures of people and their makeup
4. List some of your favorite bands: rammstein, NIN, cradle of filth, coheed and cambria, lacuna coil, dimmu borgir, and tons more
5. If you had 1 million dollars how would you spend it: boots. lots and lots of boots
6. Say something amusing: moo, I'm a seahorse.
7. Post some pictures of your makeup:

this one sucks:

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