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YAY! A new memebr :)

Hi! I was browsing around communities interested in makeup and I decided to join here because it looks small but nifty at the same time, and well.. I like makeup .. duh.. ne who..

1. Favorite brands of makeup: MAC and some cheapy stuff.. Cheapy stuff is the best!
2. What is your daily makeup: I like a bunch of random stuff.. I like blending and whatever.. I use different shit everyday.. but I usually have to have eyeliner on.
3. Why did you join this community: O crap I answered that already at the top,,, because I think this could be an awesome community and well u need more people :)
4. List some of your favorite bands: The Adicts, Misfist, Finch, TBS, Distillers, Tsunami Bomb, Scarling, Blondie, Horrorpops, Neckromantix, Tiger Army, Mindless Self Indulgence.. etc.. if you wanna knoe more you can check out my info.. theres to many to name I love them all!!
5. If you had 1 million dollars how would you spend it: I would probably buy material to make some clothes, makeup makeup makeup.. uhh hair stuff... hair dye etc.. I would prob spend it all in like half a day.
6. Say something amusing:  That's sexifying?

Ignore the gross looking complextion.. blame the flash.. BLAME THE FLASH *shakes fist*


Yepperz.. sexi eh? Yes I am canadian lol

Again with the flash ggrrrr... *shakes fist* uhh I had no base so ignore the crease.. and the eyebrow looks dead but I swear to u that it really isn't!

Yay go my makeup from Halloween! I did it all with eyeshadow.. well besides the blood..

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oooo a new member!! I love the 5th pic! You've got some serious talent, kiddo. w00t!

*throws glitter*
Please, don't call my kiddo.. I hate children.
Oh and awesome bands too!